VCPB Community Awards 2021

The 2nd annual VCPB Awards 2021 being hosted in March 2022, will embody perseverance, resilience, and compassion.  This awards ceremony will recognise those who stand firm on these traits in their pursuit of better outcomes for others.

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Change agents come in many forms. Some are individuals and some are grassroots organisations. The work they do, at times, could be life-changing to both individuals and communities. These unsung heroes deserve the right to be recognised for their selfless commitment to social change and inclusion for all. The VCPB award ceremony will celebrate the many achievements of these sociapreneurs. We look forward to joining you on this first of many recognition events.

If you would like to nominate an organisation or individual to be recognised for their good work, select a category and you will be taken to the nomination form. Here you will name the organisation or individual, describe their work in as much detail as possible, and explain why you think they should receive this award.

The nomination window will open on Friday 6th August 2021 and will close on Monday 14th February 2022, at midnight.


Award Categories 

To make your nomination from the opening date, click on a category below and you will taken directly to the nomination form.

  • Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Positive Impact Youth and Education Award
  • Popular Influencer Award
  • Inspirational Person Over 18 Award
  • Inspirational Person  Under 18 Award
  • Leading Social Change and Innovation Award
  • Championing Social Wellbeing Award

Tickets for the event will be available from Ticket Source from Monday 30th August 2021.

GDPR - Any information or data gathered through this nomination process will not be used for any marketing or promotion without your explicit instruction.

Thank you for your participation.