Dame Claudine Duberry PhD

Dame Duberry 4.2

Dame Claudine Duberry PhD is a proactive, disruptive and thought-provoking criminologist who is not afraid to challenge the theories around working and engaging with young people who display what society deems as “challenging behaviour”.

After being in the social work profession for over two decades, Dame Claudine Duberry's passion for working and engaging with children and young people remains as dynamic as ever. Dame Claudine Duberry has a wealth of experience, not just as a person who works with children and young people who display challenging behaviours. This has earned her an outstanding reputation for thinking outside of the box. Dame Claudine Duberry is somebody who goes the extra mile to achieve positive outcomes with service users and commissioners.

The authenticity of Dame Claudine Duberry's dedication has earned her an exceptional reputation with the Metropolitan Police, who have presented her with numerous commendations, one of which was for her dedication to the community at the time of the longest siege in British Police history, which took place in 2003 and lasted 15 days, and another for being proactive in the retrieval of firearms and live bullets from the community.

Dame Claudine Duberry’s experience in social care has been underpinned by her personal and professional awareness as well as her creative approach to problem-solving. While you cannot fail to be impressed by Dame Claudine Duberry’s expertise when handling complex and challenging cases, it is her meticulousness, drive and enthusiasm for the young people she works with that has proved most infectious and has earned her the respect that young people have for her.

The Duberry report was born from the experiences of Dame Claudine Duberry’s hard work supporting so many people affected by the failing system designed to help them. ‘The Fractured System’, a phrase Dame Claudine Duberry has coined, is what the Duberry report discusses.

Dame Claudine Duberry PhD, the founder of Talking Positive Steps, Divine Mother and Baby provision, Just D'vine Nursery and a partner in Crying Son's, is determined to keep driving change.